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10/18/2012 9:12 am  #1

Thanks Mike Miller @ Miller Performance

Last Sunday at Northstar Dragway  the ring & pinion gave up in my 74 Dart Sport - that was after 15 years
of abuse.  So, I am proud to say that it served me well.  I want to thank Jim Mccutheon and Mark Buchanan for
coming to my rescue at the track and towing me back to the pits.  Thanks to Mike Sonnamaker and Brandon Hamilton
for helping me out in the pits to determine exactly what had broken - you were all a great help.

I was leading the TMCCC points in Electronics going into last Sundays race, and I certainly wanted to opportunity to
make a run for the championship.  So, I needed to be able to race at Redline Raceway this Sunday to enable me
to even have a chance at that championship. I had been thinking about and wanting to change my rear gear ratio for
couple of years now.  I wanted to go to a 4.30 gear in liew of the 4.56 that was in the car.  Needed to run some more mile
per hour.  Thankfully, Paul Peyton had the 4.30 gears and the parts in stock for my 742 third member.  Frank Bonczek
offered to set the rear end up for me, but his schedule was a little tight - pretty much up to Saturday, and I really wanted
the opportunity to take the car out before Saturday and make a couple of passes to make sure everything was working
without a hitch.

Anyway, My friends at Miller Performance - Mike Miller and David Tidmore were kind enough to take my 742 Third member
install the new gears and set up it up for me.  They did a great job and we have the car back together and ready to take
it to the track for testing.

I am proud to represent Cowtown Mopars in the TMCCC series, and very proud to be your only racer in the Electronics category.

Thanks to everyone,

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10/18/2012 4:25 pm  #2

Re: Thanks Mike Miller @ Miller Performance

A couple of my friends told me to be sure and check the sprague in the transmission to make sure it wasn't damaged when the 8.75 rear end expired.  So, I minded them and checked it out - no indication that the sprague was hurt - however, after further checking discovered that the transmission wouldn't engage in forward gears, only reverse.  So, we pulled the transmission out, took it to Miller Performance, where Mike Miller and David Tidmore did some surgery on it and found that it had a broken Front Planetary gear set.  Actually the main shaft splines in the Front Planetary gear set were stripped out. They fixed me up again, 2nd time in two days now.

So, again I thank Mr. Mike Miller and Mr. David Tidmore for their emergency attention to my rear end and my transmission, you guys are much appreciated.

Bill Boon

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10/21/2012 7:38 pm  #3

Re: Thanks Mike Miller @ Miller Performance

Thank you Bill for getting us points in electronics. I am def in one ear from an accident 13 years ago so you may have to hollar at me to get my attention sometimes if you are on my deaf side, but I am always eager to help anyone in need. But hollar at me if you need my help, I will not be offended, who knows I might need your help one day. Good luck next week in Kennedale! Get her fixed and let's do this.


10/22/2012 7:26 am  #4

Re: Thanks Mike Miller @ Miller Performance

Thank you Brandon for your help yesterday and last Sunday as well.  All of you guys from Cowtown Mopars are the best.  Everyone pitches in when there is a need and it is so much appreciated.  I'm hoping we will be able to get the car fixed for next Sunday - even though there may not be a chance now for me to get the points lead back.  I will at least be there with the big Red "Beast" to earn some more points.

Sorry to hear about you Dad, we are praying for healing and full recovery for him.

Bill Boon

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