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4/24/2013 4:11 pm  #1

New to the forum and need help with A Body Rear End

I purchased another mopar. 74 duster with a 440 and the schumaker upgrade kit. It has a 8 1/4 rear end and I just dont think it is worth messing with. I would like to put a 8 3/4 in it but I am having trouble finding one that wont require selling the sole of my first born child. LOL

I found a possible donor complete from a 74 E body with 741 3rd member for $350 and was considering cutting it up.. Is there an easy way to figure out whether it has tampered axles or not? Any concrete indicator? FYI I have a 742 in the garage.

I know I am die hard mopar but I'm thinking about building a 9" or 8.8(out of explorer).

This will be a street strip car and need something strong (ideally 900 hp in the distant future).

I like the S-60 but I cant justify it.

Please give your opinions and point me in the right direction



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3/29/2015 5:22 pm  #2

Re: New to the forum and need help with A Body Rear End

Did you ever find a rearend for your duster?I have a narrowed housing with a matching set of 30 spline axles cut to the right length.

I am new to the fort worth area and live in Benbrook. I drive a street/strip 68 dart.



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