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6/14/2011 12:04 am  #1

Club results for TMCCC race at Kennedale June 12th

Sunday's TMCCC race was a good one, dispite the blistering heat, we had a good turn out of racers - several who we had not seen in quite some time.  Was good to see Danny Henslee and Jeff Peterson join us for some fun.

Thanks to all our club members who came out to play on such a warm day.  Congratulations to all the winners. 

Street Muscle
Winner       Rich "Stumpy" Brownell   74 Dodge D100 pickup  ran 9.22 on  9.19 dial in
Runner Up  Jeff Jameson  57 can't spell that 2door post  Ran 9.05 on  8.92 dial in

Quarter's    Danny Henslee  70 Cuda  Ran  9.20's all day long

King Muscle  - the Vassar boys were a class act
Winner       Dustin Vassar  Buick Wagon   Ran  7.84  on  7.87 dial in
Runnber Up Colton Vassar  Malibu Wagon Ran  7.88  on 7.92 dial in

Semi's        Stan Allan   65 El Camino  Ran  7.75  on  7.72 dial in

Quarter's    Gary Mitchell   72 Chevelle   Ran 7.54  on  7.65 dial in
                Mike Lynn   68 Camero   Ran  7.68 on  7.65 dial in

Super Muscle   
Runner Up  Jorge  Suris   2009 Challenger  Ran 8.62 on  8.56 dial in

Quarter's   Robert Broom   79 Camero   Ran 8.69  on  8.67 dial in

Pro Muscle
Winner      Kim Humprey  88 Dakota  Ran 7.10 on 7.08 dial in

Quarter's   Gary Kemble  77 Dodge Aspen  Ran 7.32 on 7.35 dial in

Quarter's   Bill Boon   74 Dodge Dart Sport   Ran 6.53  on  6.53 dial in

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6/14/2011 9:19 pm  #2

Re: Club results for TMCCC race at Kennedale June 12th

Hello Club Memebers Old and New It was nice to get out and run ole RedFish I quess someday Ill get the hang of it but special thanks to everyone coachin me through the day ,I quess every ole dog has his day I cut a triple 0 light and came back and rolled thru the staging lights for a red light the next round,special thx go to Jeff and Mark for the call the night before to get my butt out to the strip, see you again in September Danny Henslee P.S. I quess you can take a show poodle to the strip and have some fun. DH


6/15/2011 7:11 am  #3

Re: Club results for TMCCC race at Kennedale June 12th

Danny we are sure glad you came out.  It was great to see you and Red Fish !!  Congrats on the .000 perfect light - some of us old timers have never done that - Hope you will come back out and play with us again.  We're gonna do it all over again starting in September.

Till then, take care & stay cool !!

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