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6/14/2015 3:53 pm  #1

In need of 440 parts

I am in Burleson Texas. I am building a 440  for my 73 Dodge charger.  Motor was given to me.  I went through and rods had a back yard shave job and found one 452  head cracked.   Well last November I fell 20' at work and tore up my lower body and had to learn to walk again.  I'm still on work comp disability and don't have tons of money.  I have some parts to Sale or trade possibly.  I am in need of good stock ly rods and some heads 440.  I'm  also needing a 971 oil pan and pick up.  I have a 402 pan that will not work.   Also need balancer for steel crank, all brackets for accessories,  valve covers,  intakes.   Can anyone help me out or work with me.

73 Dodge charger
Mild 318
904 rmvb
Plum crazy purple metallic

6/17/2019 7:28 pm  #2

Re: In need of 440 parts

Are you wanting another 452 head or do you have another BB head pair in mind?


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