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7/31/2011 10:18 pm  #1

Rebuilding 8 1/4 axle...questions

OK, I have never done this before and I am learning as I go. Everything is torn down except for pressing out the axle bearings. I plan to replace the 2.45 gear set and carrier with 3.55 gears.

Now I need to decide:

Use the NEW 29 spline late model Trac-Loc that I scored for only $50 (OEM Dakota Part)...but will require me to have special axles made....


Use my factory axles from my Dart and purchase a new 27 Spline MP Sure-Grip?

Rick Ehrenberg from Mopar Action did a build up several years ago with the modern 29 spline unit in a Duster, but I personally do not know of anyone that I know has done this, and I am concerned there are some unknowns that I am missing.

Would my factory axles be fine in a non-racing application (255/60 BFG radials, no slicks - mild 360) if I decided to stay with the 27 spline setup?

I am also installing Jeep Grand Cherokee disc brakes, which have a smaller register hole on the rotors. If I order axles I plan to order them with the Jeep register, but I can just grind out the holes if I use them on the factory axles.

Question two: When taking the axle apart, we (Ryan Wilke was helping me) found the pinion shim to be set between the housing and the inner race, NOT between the pinion gear and bearing where Ryan expected to find it. Where is it suppose to be installed on these older axle? Does it matter? and since I am going up (numerically) in gear ration, does this shim thickness need to change?

Question Three: Where should I take the axle housing to get all the new races and axles bearing pressed in? I have heard FT worth gear and axle. Any other suggestions? I do not have any of the tools to make this happen.

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9/10/2011 4:24 pm  #2

Re: Rebuilding 8 1/4 axle...questions

spicer has a limited slip  part# 75101x  also, I have used a few from eBay with no problems, Jeeps had these,and often take them out for lockers, But I have used them in 2 darts, both with hot 360 engines, with no problems, but set up is most important


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