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7/22/2011 7:13 pm  #1


Kelly T. Hiia
Mopar Parts Specialist
Huffines Dodge Lewisville, Tx

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6/27/2022 9:29 am  #2


Our family restoration shop just bought a truck load of Blemished and Damaged sheet metal parts.  It was a mixed batch with For old retired doctors , can't spell that and Mopar. Some have next to no damage and some have some decent dents. We will more than likely rough in the ones with the worst damage. Here is everything we have in the For old retired doctors family.  Just PM me with any questions. Feel free to ask about the other brands also.

64-66 Mustang coupe Left Full quarter panels
64-66 Mustang coupe Right full quarter panels
64-66 Mustang coupe Decklid
64-66 Mustang Right door
65-66 Mustang fastback Left Sail panel
67 Mustang coupe Left quarter panel
67 Mustang coupe Right quarter panel
68 Mustang Right fender
71-73 Mustang fastback Left quarter panel
71-73 Mustang fastback Right quarter panel
71-73 Mustang Left fender
68-72 For old retired doctors truck Right fender

All of these are currently in black primer. Some of these we also have more than one of them. This load had quite a few mid 60s to early 70s GM parts with it also-- Chevelle, Camaro, Lemans, GTO , can't spell that truck , Impala and Novas  Let me know what you need, I may have it. Thanks, Lee


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Thumbs-up for this fantastic contribution!


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