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5/20/2011 3:39 pm  #1

Had a great time at the mopars at the plex race

Just want to thank everyone involved in putting on the race, it was well run and we were home in the Houston area by 9.00 pm..Got to see a lot of fine Mopars and shook hands with Big Daddy. Bill Boon, It was great to see you again and was glad we got to chat with you afterwards.. Thanks again , we had a Blast.

Ps..hope we can get a mopar race down in Houston  again.

                                                             Jack and Irene Robinson
                                                                "bracketrash racing"


5/22/2011 12:53 pm  #2

Re: Had a great time at the mopars at the plex race

Jack was nice seeing you and your wife and Mopars at the Motorplex.  Enjoyed visiting with you both.  hope your trip home was safe -  have a great summer racing, look forward to seeing you guys again. 

Congratulations on your win in Electronics - It was a good race, I gave you my best but you put this old man on the trailer, again !!

Best wishes my friend,

Bill Boon
Texas Trailer Man
(817) 759-1950


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