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6/01/2012 1:10 pm  #1

2014 Hemi Reunion

It looks like things are starting to come together for the 50th Anniversary of the 426 Race Hemi.  It will be held in conjection with the Monster Mopar Weekend at Indy in late September, 2014.  It's a ways off, but if you have a Hemi car, that will be the place to be if it turns out anything like the 2008 Hemi Reunion in Ohio.  I started a few posts on under the Nostalgia Stock/SS forum and at under the racing area.  It looks like Jim Kramer is on board, he was part of the two main forces behind the 2008 event.  Dick Tower was the other prime player, but sadly he passed away a couple of years ago.  I'd attach a photo or two of the 2008 event, but I don't see anyway to do that here.  Look at the other sites.


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