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7/26/2013 7:51 am  #1

Wrecked my Wagon

You know, at 53 years old, I have only had two auto accidents in my life.
The first one was minor as I rolled into a car while looking over my left shoulder waiting for traffic to clear so I could make a right turn. The car ahead of me had pulled forward and I swear she had taken the turn, but she had, in fact, chickened out and stopped again for a clearer chance. Poor lady still had her temporary tags on the car. She had JUST bought it.
My second accident happened the week before last just four houses up the street from mine. Less than half a block from home.
I make a right turn onto my street a block away from my driveway. My cel phone had slid off the seat and I, as usual, reached over to fetch it back up, temporarily taking my eyes off the road. I've done this a million times in my life.
My wagon has manual steering, and if you've ever had the same you'd understand what happened next.
I bumped the curb with the passenger side tire and the steering wheel spun ALL the WAY to the right, ripping the wheel from my hand. I was maybe five feet away from a well built brick mailbox and drove right over the top of it, knocking it down along the way.
As I remember it, the Slant Six engine hardly lost any RPM. A serious Torque Monster that engine is.
Well here are some pictures of my newly adjusted 1970 Plymouth Belvedere Wagon. 
I, too, am crushed. Perhaps beyond repair, my heart that is...

Follow this link to some pics:


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