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9/18/2013 3:39 pm  #1

440 Source Alum heads and E-Body Super Stock Springs & more

Posted for Ken & Freddie Castleman

ATV 110 cc 4-Wheeler  $300 OBO

For Mopar B or RB motor
One set of 440 Source Aluminum Heads with new valve springs for Roller Cam
with up a 750 lift.  They have 2.14-1.181 valves.  Heads have less that 15
runs on them.  $850 OBO

One set of Super Stock Leaf Springs for 70-74 E-Body Challenger or Barracuda.  $125

One R/T fiberglass lift off hood for 70-74 Dodge Challenger.  $125
Driver and Passenger door glass and rear windshield for 70-74 Dodge
Challenger.  $275

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Freddie Castleman

Posted for Ken & Freddie Castleman 



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