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1/19/2015 12:18 pm  #1

2015 TMCCC race schedule

 March 8th at Kennedale [Texas Raceway]

March 22nd at Denton [Northstar Raceway]

March 29th at Ennis [ Texas Motorplex]

April 26th at Ardmore [Ardmore Dragway]

May 3rd at Denton

Sept 13th at Denton

Sept 20th at Ennis

Oct 11th at Kennedale

Nov 1st at Ennis [final race]

Banquet on Nov 14th


2/16/2015 6:08 pm  #2

Re: 2015 TMCCC race schedule

I would like to hook up at Kennedale with you guys. Are you planning on having any food? Should I bring anything? Food items/paperplates/anything?


2/17/2015 1:54 pm  #3

Re: 2015 TMCCC race schedule

We have the food thing covered. We have Cookie that takes care of everything. Unless you would like to bring cookies or something like that,.

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